Тема: Unban xxx777

Информация о бане игрока xxx777
Статус    Забанен
Стим Ид    STEAM_0:0:4389244
Время бана    25.09.2019 21:33:03
Время анбана    23.01.2020 08:13:03
Причина    кзх
Сервер    #HNS(training)
Админ    doFrag.ru #HNS(training)

What kind of stupid admin team do you have in your team? You banned me without even trying to check do I have kzh. For your information, while you can use Scout you can make up to 311 prestrafe and obviously you can jump 279 scj, but the admin (dumb one) who banned me didn't even look at the prestrafe or spectated me to see if I had kzh.
I demand instant unban and to that dumb admin to get punished by removing his from the team. Also, I want him to apologize to me! Such a waste of time. Nice admin pick guys, well done.
This is such a shame!!

Demo (if its dofrag.dem) :  Внешняя ссылка

Such a shame guys..


Re: Unban xxx777

Lul, dude, chill a bit, there is no reason for being so mad. If you are really innocent, u'll get ur unban asap. Wait a bit and keep calm, our team will check the demo.

oh yes, for your information, u got banned by the anticheat, not by a person. And the truth is that it makes a mistake only in 0.01% of cases.

Отредактировано (25-09-2019 22:55)

Собираю http://dofrag.ru/extensions/reputation/img/warn_add.gif


Re: Unban xxx777

Then check the logs or simply look at the demo for 1 min and give me that unban!
I see how precise that auto antivirus is.. lolz
Banning players for nothing, just wp.
I will not calm down until I get unban. I made an account here just to get unbanned and not to chat with anyone here.


Re: Unban xxx777

Ну чел чист, стоит разбанить, едл в курсе, что нужно в античите подправить.

Die Die Die My Darling! :>


Re: Unban xxx777

Что там на демке? Бан за мсл если что. Я хз что надо подправить и хз почему ты решил что чел чист.

Хотя видимо банит мсл за скаут, так как там проверка на скорость 250 стоит.
Надо будет подправить.


Re: Unban xxx777

Well guys, thanks for answers although I didn't catch few phrases. Anyway, I am not unbanned yet. I don't know what is the reason for me to wait this long?
As you can see on the demo I provided above, it is only using scout and jumping high, and got banned, and I clearly said it on my first post here, but yet nobody unbanned me.

It's not like you're busy and occupied with the server so you can't check my story and unban me.


Re: Unban xxx777

Ну я на мсл не обращал внимания, так как он прыгал онли скж, ну нужно будет тогда посмотреть был мсл или нет. Подправить я имел ввиду, что бы не с первого дака считал прыжки, о чем мы тогда в диске разговаривали.

Die Die Die My Darling! :>


Re: Unban xxx777

I have literally no idea of what you've just said to me.

All you have to do is check the demo and give me unban. It will last less than 5 minutes.

Why is that too hard?


Re: Unban xxx777

Разбанил. Пока лучше не играть со скаутом, античит считает это читом. Постараюсь в ближайшее время пофиксить.
Извиняюсь за предоставленные неудобства.